There are many ways to experience real student living in Barcelona, whether it be through a shared student apartment or a busy student residence. Whatever you choose, EU is on hand to support you every step of the way.


  • Situated in a central location, our campus is easily accessible from all parts of the city via public transport. As a city popular to both study and work in, finding accommodation in Barcelona can be a real challenge. Therefore, we encourage all new students to begin their housing search while waiting for their final enrollment documents.


  • There are several neighborhoods in the city which are more popular than others for international student accommodation in Barcelona, so before deciding on your student accommodation in Barcelona, you can speak with our student services department about the details and safety of each area.


  • Before deciding on your international student accommodation in Barcelona, it is important to ensure you gather all the pertinent information first. There are many options available to students depending on their personal and financial situation.
We have a lot of connections with residencies and can help you find the most suitable student accommodation in Barcelona.

Finding accommodation in Barcelona can be a real challenge for incoming students. As one of the major and fastest-growing cities in Europe, Barcelona attracts thousands of jobseekers and people pursuing further education. 


We believe that a comfortable and inspirational living environment is an important part of any educational experience, and a stressful search for accommodation should not affect the academic success of our students. 


A good place to start, is looking at what kind of accommodation would fit your needs best. Take our quiz and find out: 


Do you like to socialize?

a. 24/7

b. Not really

c. Only on weekends


You want to live near...

a. other students
b. the EU campus

c. Plaza Cataluña


What is your budget?

a. I have a flexible budget

b. Money is not a problem

c. The cheaper the better


Are you a risk taker?

a. I don't like risks at all

b. I like calculated risks

c. Risky is my business


Do you speak Spanish or Catalan?

a. No

b. Un poquito/Una mica

c. I was born to speak Spanish/Catalan


*Remember when looking for a flat in Barcelona, it is important to clearly understand the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. If you do not speak Spanish, have a native speaker accompany you and do not sign anything until the conditions of your lease are understood by both you and your landlord.  


Our student services can help orient you on many things.