Digital advances are shaping the way businesses are run nowadays. The Master in Digital Business program in Barcelona provides students with a 360 degree view of how digital trends impacts a company's profitability and how to optimize a company's digital strategy to overcome competitors.


The Master in Digital Business program provides students with the key skills needed to drive digital change in any type of business. This dynamic program will teach students everything from finance to strategy in order to excel in the ever-evolving digital world.


During this program, students will:


  1. Understand digital culture and how this can affect a company. 
  2. Analyze how new technologies and upcoming digital trends impact organizations. 
  3. Learn how to leverage digital business solutions to boost profitability and minimize costs.
Program Duration
1 year
Teaching Language
Start Dates
October, January, March
You can do it in
Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux
  • A state-recognized, university master’s degree accredited by Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM), Spain.

  • An EU Business School Switzerland private and internationally accredited master’s degree.

(13 CH | 18 ECTS)
  • This course focuses on the fundamental aspects of digital business management, exploring the strategies and business cases in digital management, along with the human resource management aspects of digital business. Students learn the managerial skills and strategies required in digital business and gain a comprehensive understanding of cash flow dynamics of a digital business. The core objectives of the course are to provide students with the managerial scope of digital business and state of the art team building techniques.

  • Students are provided with the financial tools and strategies to leverage digital business opportunities. Students gain an understanding of sound financial principles and a multitude of case studies give an insight into business finance applied to digital enterprise, including financial strategies, challenges and opportunities that arise in the digital age.

  • This course expands on core marketing concepts by presenting a broad spectrum of e-marketing design and planning strategies. Students will develop a hands-on knowledge of digital marketing, utilizing state of the art digital advertising tools.

  • The use and application of digital technologies has emerged as a vehicle of change management, promoting growth and innovation for modern businesses. Students gain an understanding of the role of new digital technologies and develop the ability to critically examine current trends in digital technologies.

  • This seminar focuses on legal formalities in digital business, from digital regulations and intellectual property rights protection to legal aspects of entrepreneurship creation and management. Students are provided with the foundation to avoid legal issues and pitfalls in the creation and management of digital business.

(13 CH | 18 ECTS)
  • The digital experience is heavily reliant on the user interface and the usability of the product. Reaching a simple and intuitive design often requires disciplined methodology, defining the design and architecture of the user interface and experience. This course focuses on providing students with a deep understanding of the user experience, along with the tools and methods necessary to design a state of the art digital experience.

  • Students learn about the roles, duties and tools associated with customer relationship management (CRM) in the digital era. Furthermore, they develop a strong knowledge of current CRM tools and how they operate and learn to evaluate digital trends and how CRM choice impacts a business.

  • This course focuses on key attributes of a leader in the digital era: innovation, vision and leadership. It further provides the technical foundations of innovation that enable the visionary leader to inspire others and lead by example. Students analyze the attributes of an entrepreneurial mindset, while harnessing the culture of digital business to inspire through effective leadership.

  • Students focus on methods to capture, analyze and process web data and social network elements. The course explores the modern web analytics to enhance corporate image and business profitability. Students are provided with an understanding of how web technologies operate behind the scenes and how they can be harnessed, maximizing the impact of social networks, web data and analytical tools.

  • This seminar focuses on key strategies for conquering the mobile market. It provides students with an understanding of the impact of mobile technologies on every aspect of daily life, while projecting the future influence over society and business. Students analyze the impact of mobile strategies in ground-breaking industries such as IoT, eHealth, smart-cities and new vehicle technologies.

(13 CH | 18 ECTS)
  • This course provides students with an insight into how the use of artificial intelligence is revolutionizing e-commerce. Students are introduced to ground breaking strategic planning tools and technologies and critically examine current e-business trends and their evolution.

  • Students gain an understanding of the different e-business elements that merge to create a digital ecosystem and how they interact among themselves. The course provides an ample understanding of the elements of the digital ecosystem while giving students an understanding of the importance of IT security.

  • This course introduces a full set of business enhancing gamification techniques that are changing the landscape of e-business. Students are provided with the theoretical and practical fundamentals to build a layered digital business model.

  • Students gain knowledge of the fundamentals of startups, from the inception of the idea, all the creation of the startup. The course goes over new product and services development and aims to provide students with the knowledge of economical and legal aspects of startup creation, as well as the tools and concepts to create a new product idea and build a startup.

  • This seminar focuses on all relevant aspects of public digital image management. Students develop an understanding of online corporate reputation management in the era of social networks, user reviews and instant communication. Furthermore, students gain an awareness of challenges and opportunities that online social media offers, along with the need to manage online reputation.

  • Business Plan
    6 CH / 6 ECTS
Students will also be required to submit a business plan (6 ECTS) at the end of their studies and to attend field trips, company visits and fairs as part of the experiential learning method.

Graduates of the Master in Digital Business degree can go on to gain opportunities in: 


  • Digital management 

  • E-Commerce 

  • Innovation Management  


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