Balancing a beach feel with the city bustle and many flourishing businesses, Barcelona is the perfect location for your international business education. A major economic power in Spain, Barcelona fosters a large community of innovative entrepreneurs and booming startups. Students who choose to live in Barcelona can enjoy a very reasonable cost of living as well as endless opportunities to experience culture, play sports and socialize.


While the city highlights its traditional ties, it also welcomes new, internationally-minded ideas. The region is home to FC Barcelona and acclaimed artists such as Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudi, and specifically, Barcelona has earned itself the title of cosmopolitan capital of the Mediterranean coast.  

Living in Barcelona
People come here from all walks of life to work and study, making the city culturally diverse and the perfect place to learn.

There are many benefits of living in Barcelona and the transport system is one of them. The city is easy to move around in, compact and well-connected through a public transport system. Underground trains, buses, trams and suburban trains can all be used under the same ticket and work seamlessly to get you from one place to the other. You can be in most places in the city in about 25 minutes.


In addition, Barcelona has a dedicated bike lane network spanning 200km. Many cyclist lanes run parallel to motor lanes making pathways from point A to B safe and direct. BiCiNg (2007) is the public bicycle sharing system in Barcelona. It works by membership and has around 6,000 bikes spread over 400 stations. 


Barcelona is also Europe's top hub for low-cost flights, according to air travel data company OAG, so it's the perfect place to live if you also want to travel through and even have job interviews in cities all over the EU.  


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