Pio Vergés has lectured in finance at EU since 1990. After obtaining his law degree from the University of Navarra, he went on to study an MBA at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (IESE) in Spain. In addition to teaching, Vergés is an experienced financial consultant and works closely with various companies regarding their banking needs; from credit lines, back-to-back loans, investments in the money market and the direct negotiation between companies and their banks. His focus is predominantly on the European and Asian markets.

Vergés was fundamental during the period when Citibank purchased Banco de Levante, forming part of the team that helped initially merge the two financial organizations. His role required him to adapt the bank’s corporate reporting system and modernize the accounting formats used. He has also held the position of Country Treasurer of Spain for the Henkel group, supervising and centralizing the treasury department of six of Henkel’s companies. In this time, he negotiated the companies’ credit lines and short-term investments with 18 different banks. Vergés’s expertise is recognized in his field; he has provided several well-known companies with banking advice and regularly speaks at seminars for leading institutions.

Pio Vergés

Less is more.

Finance Lecturer
Barcelona Campus

IESE Business School: MBA

University of Navarra: Bachelor of Law


Surfect Technologies: Director on Board

Surfect Technologies: Audit Committee

Citibank: Account Officer

Henkel Spain: Treasurer

Mutua de Terrassa: Head of the Insurance Division


EU Business School: Lecturer of Budgeting, Financial Markets, Real Estate Investments, Financial Stock Analysis