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On-Campus Hybrid Learning: A Flexible Approach

On-Campus Studies With Some Virtual Classes

EU’s on-campus hybrid learning approach is designed to combine the best of face-to-face and virtual learning. It isn’t just on campus and it isn’t just online: it’s both. Students’ weekly agendas include on-campus and online classroom activities, allowing them to take advantage of in-person experiences on campus and the latest technology.   

Our on-campus hybrid approach also provides a smart and flexible response to the current world health situation. We will be on campus as much as possible but will incorporate more virtual classes when needed.

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Our On-Campus Hybrid Methodology

Our on-campus hybrid methodology combines state-of-the-art on-campus and virtual learning techniques to ensure that our students enjoy an all-round learning experience.   

In the physical classroom, students participate in lively debate and group discussions, and then seamlessly transition to the virtual classroom as part of their weekly timetable. The virtual classroom becomes a natural extension of the on-campus class and perfectly simulates the face-to-face dynamics of a physical classroom. Through advanced video conferencing, classes in real time, group work and engaging materials, students continue to collaborate with colleagues and lecturers in a close-knit learning environment. Moreover, virtual classes are complemented with active forums and chats, allowing for further interaction.

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A Flexible Approach for Post COVID-19 Learning

On-campus hybrid learning at EU allows us to respond rapidly to changing circumstances and official regulations. While our hybrid methodology prioritizes classes on-campus, this flexible format allows us to easily transition to the virtual classroom environment if circumstances require. We are continually reviewing the proportion of time spent on campus and online, and adapting accordingly to adhere to the latest official recommendations.    

Learning From Leaders 

Through our exclusive Learning From Leaders series, students connect with outstanding business leaders from some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Top names include Ronnie Leten, chairman of Ericsson, Zev Siegl, co-founder of Starbucks, and Christian Clerc, president, global operations of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

Watch out for the agenda for Fall 2020 which will be published in September.

Masterclasses and guest speaker sessions also form part of our student’s curriculum. Taking place on campus and online, students interact with experts from a vast array of disciplines to learn the latest in business. From marketing and finance to sustainability and human resources, these sessions proffer an unparalleled learning opportunity. 


LVMH Group, Non-Executive President of the Watch Division, Chairman of Hublot & Zenith Watches

Jean-Claude Biver | Watch Now


Co-Founder of Starbucks and Startup Mentor

Zev Siegl | Watch Now


President and CEO of Epiroc AB

Helena Hedblom | Watch Now

four seasons

President, Global Operations, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Christian Clerc | Watch Now

On-Campus Hybrid, the Facts

Students’ weekly timetables includes time spent in physical and digital classrooms, working collaboratively with peers, and learning from our faculty of experienced professionals while enjoying the city.

What On-Campus Hybrid Is: 

  • On-campus learning with some virtual classes 
  • A combination of in-person and digital learning 
  • An engaging, hands-on and pragmatic learning experience adapted to the new reality  
  • An even more personalized and flexible approach, with increased dedication and support by faculty members during the in-class and virtual sessions

What On-Campus Hybrid Is Not:  

  • 100% online 
  • Learning online solely from recorded lectures and static documents  
  • Studying in isolation with no interaction with your peers  
  • Having no student life nor enjoying the campus city  

On-Campus Hybrid: Because the World Is Tangible + Digital

Our social and professional lives blend the digital and physical worlds seamlessly. EU’s on-campus hybrid approach reflects our lived reality with an approach to education that fits the world we live in today. 

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