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Study in Spain

Spain, in the South of Europe, is a culturally-rich, diverse and unique country. Spain has been a member of the European Union since 1986 and has shared the currency of the Eurozone since 1999.

Although Spanish is the second-most widely-spread language in the world, English is commonly used as a business language throughout the country. If you are looking to study in Spain in English, European College Barcelona can offer a great education in a great location, perfect for exploring the rest of this wonderful country and various locations in Europe.

Spain has a high number of educated people within its population and is the fourth country in Europe for the number of people who hold university degrees of a technical or scientific nature, according to data from Eurostat in 2012.

In the past two decades, the number of university students in Spain has risen by over 26%. More students from other countries are pursuing a bachelor’s in Spain, and international exchange is becoming an integral part of university education in Spain.

European College Barcelona offers great opportunities for obtaining your MBA in Spain. Many American companies have their European headquarters in Spain and, as such, there are a lot of opportunities for graduates of master's degrees and MBAs in English in Spain as they generally speak more than two languages. 

In your free time, Spain also has a lot to offer; the north, south, east and west regions of the peninsula are vastly different one from the other and the geographical proximity and variety of travel options allow students who study in Spain to explore the rest of the country and learn about its culture in their free time.