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Live & Study in Barcelona


There are lots of benefits in Barcelona for international students. The city’s international presence, important standing in the global business world, food, weather, culture, history, architecture and affordable lifestyle are only some of the reasons why you should choose to study your degree in Barcelona.

Barcelona is Spain’s second-largest city. It always keeps one foot in the traditional and the other in the avant-garde and has earned its reputation of being the most cosmopolitan, edgy and modern city in Spain, particularly after it was given new life for the 1992 Olympic Games.

Students and workers alike are attracted by Barcelona’s vibrant lifestyle, ideal location and abundance of culture. The city is home to architectural marvels such as Gaudí’s Sagrada Família, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló and Park Güell, as well as Camp Nou, the largest football stadium in Europe.

European College will allow you to study in Barcelona in English, transform your academic experience and inspire your future business vision.


Here are the top five reasons to study in Barcelona:

International Business Hub

As the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is the business and transportation hub of Spain and a center for young, creative talent; an environment that opens doors for students. Barcelona is a crossroads of culture and ideas; the perfect training ground for 21st century business. It is a city that challenges students to think outside of the box at every turn. Barcelona is Europe’s fourth-best city for business according to Bloomberg; as such, graduates from the European College Barcelona campus have the experience and training to succeed in both the local and international business worlds.

Barcelona is home to Vueling, FCB, Estrella Damm, Abertis, Areas, Eurostars Hotels, Gas Natural, La Caixa, Desigual, Mango, H10 Hotels, Puig and SEAT, and the chosen location of satellite offices for many other corporations. Therefore, young participants who study a bachelor’s in Barcelona get a great start in the world of business through internships and entry positions.

Culture and History

Catalonia’s language, history and culture make it a unique region, and as its multi-faceted capital, Barcelona leads the way in culture, style, art and design. Numerous nationalities populate the city, making it a melting pot of languages, cultures and experiences. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish or Catalan: you can study your bachelor’s degree, master's or MBA in English in Barcelona at European College Spain.

We offer all our programs, both graduate and bachelor’s, in English in Barcelona, as well as at all our other campuses across the EU Group.

Great Atmosphere, Food and Fun

While a great deal of your time at European College Barcelona will be occupied with classes, projects and papers, there will be lots of opportunities for you to enjoy the city lifestyle.

Barcelona has sunny days from spring through the end of fall and the winter weather is cool but not unwelcoming. When you are taking a break from your classes or homework, walking on the Barceloneta beach, hiking up the Collserola mountains, picnicking in Ciutadella Park or watching the dancing fountains in Montjuïc are just the ticket.

If you’re hungry, Barcelona offers so many international and local menus that you can easily find a meal to suit your tastes and diet. Whether you’re looking for the latest creation from Ferran Adrià or a cheap burger at McDonald’s, you can find it all on the streets of this wonderful city.

At night you can go to bars, dancing or out to a street festival. Or, if you are looking for a more traditional venue, you’ll be pleased to hear that some of the biggest club corporations in the world have locations here like Opium and Matinée.

There are also great city-wide festivals like “Las Fiestas de la Mercè,” which is held annually on September 24 to honor the patron saint of the city housed in a small church in the Gothic quarter.

Affordable living

Barcelona consistently ranks first in quality of life surveys, and also enjoys beneficial tax policies and financial incentives. Living in Barcelona is inexpensive compared to other major metropolises. The cost of rent, food and living expenses doesn’t break the bank, and there is usually still money left over for fun.

The Cost of Living survey performed by Mercer’s in 2011, which compares costs of everyday goods, basic services and accommodation, ranked the city at number 66; a position much lower than that of cities with comparable benefits and quality of life.

Travel Anywhere

Barcelona is the top city in Europe for the number of low-cost carrier flights to its main airport. Terminal 2 at the El Prat airport is solely devoted to EasyJet and the airport is the main headquarters for Vueling. With its privileged location and low prices, you could visit a different city in Europe every month without going broke.