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Suddha Chakravartti

Suddha Chakravartti

International Relations and Law Lecturer
Switzerland campuses

An expert in international development, Suddha Chakravartti’s approach to his teaching, research and consulting activities are characterized by an analytical, open-minded and innovative approach.

Chakravartti’s impressive portfolio of professional experience is complemented by an equally high quality of academic experiences. Chakravartti began his studies at the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research at the University of Law in India. This international educational experience was well complemented by Chakravartti’s studies at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations in Switzerland, where he earned his Master and Doctor of International Relations qualifications.

In addition to a wealth of papers that he has published, Chakravartti has worked for a number of impressive large-scale organizations, such as the Geneva Group of Commonwealth Developing Countries. Chakravartti’s motivation to work in international relations-related roles is propelled by a commitment to work that betters the state of humanity.