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Ketan Joshi

Ketan Joshi

Management Lecturer
Switzerland campuses

With a proven track record for category, brand and product development, Kenyan-born Ketan Joshi has a wealth of knowledge to offer his students.

Joshi’s educational background was predominantly U.K.-based; he obtained his MBA in Bristol and PhD in Chemical Engineering in Birmingham. Having worked for a number of huge names in the food and drink industry, including Unilever, Danone and Nestlé, during his 30-year career, Joshi has obtained a high level of expertise from which students greatly benefit.  

In addition to lecturing in management, Joshi also runs his own start-up herbal infusion and green tea company called The Wise Herb Company. In between his time spent in the classroom and the kitchen, where he likes to concoct various products and creations, Joshi can be found spending quality time with his family or getting a kick from seeing products he’s collaborated with on the shelves of the local supermarket.