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EU Business School Faculty

Henry Negreira

Technology Lecturer
Barcelona campus

Henry Negreira has always had a constant exposure to academia, due to the number of lecturers and educators in his family. Negreira found his first academic experience, teaching at General Electric, so rewarding that he decided to continue sharing his knowledge.

Negreira earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering in Caracas, before completing an associate’s degree in Electronics and a postgraduate course in Networking. Senior level management experience bolsters Negreira’s impressive academic background, and has also included work directing cross-functional teams of technical experts.

With a finger on the pulse of emerging technologies and the way that they can be adapted and combined to enhance standards of living, Negreira ensures his classes are always taught with an up-to-date and fresh approach. As well as a personal and professional interest in technology, Negreira enjoys spending his time playing sports and mountain biking, with occasionally the odd book or two in between.