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European University Faculty - Dawid Brychcy

Dawid Brychcy

Economics Lecturer
Barcelona campus

Brychcy began to specialize in finance and quantitative methods early on in his life, as evidenced by the completion of his master’s degree in Finance and Banking from the Warsaw School of Economics. A subsequent master’s in Economic Analysis from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 2004 compounded this knowledge, while Brychcy’s PhD in Economics from the same university in 2013 further cemented his expert knowledge.

In addition to this impressive academic experience, Brychcy has also published various academic pieces, and has experience working with large multinationals in a variety of countries in numerous roles. Students can both learn a lot from and enjoy the well-rounded nature of Brychcy, who uses his experiences to good effect in the classroom.

When he is not following financial markets or working in a fast-moving environment, Brychcy enjoys playing various sports, hiking and spending time with his family.