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EU Business School Undergraduate Student Testimonials


René van Baardewijk, The Netherlands

René van Baardewijk
The Netherlands

BBA 1989,
Owner of Rebain Int'l

“The EU Group was one of the first to offer an international business school experience. They were ahead of their time. So I think it should remain ahead by going into the developing world. That’s where a lot of the future is, for both alumni and students.”

Patricia Kirkpatrick, Spain

Patricia Kirkpatrick

BBA 1992 & MBA 1994,
Assets & Promotions Manager for Coca-Cola
Music & Entertainment

“There is no telling how far one can go if one is willing to let other people take the credit.”

Javier Esparza

Javier Martinez Esparza

BBA 1995,
Vice-President and Managing Director Iberia and LATAM at KAZAM Mobile

"At European College, being in a multicultural environment with different people from around the world was especially useful, as that reflects the reality of workplaces nowadays."

Thomas Ruschke

Thomas Ruschke Germany/U.S.A.

BBA 2012,
Client Partner, DACH Market Financial Services & E-Commerce Clients, Facebook Ireland Limited

“I really valued the international aspect of the EU Group as this is a direct reflection of the real world.”

Bertrand Morisod, Switzerland

Bertrand Morisod Switzerland

BS in Finance 2008,
Founder of Worldwide
Wealth Association

“Being in charge of corporate finances is like being a pilot in a cockpit at 30,000 feet. You have to make quick decisions. The EU Group taught me how to do that.”

Chloe Tiffany Lee, Malaysia

Chloe Tiffany Lee

BA in Leisure & Tourism Management 2011,
Logistics Manager for Borneo Eco Film Festival

"I can now indulge in the bounty of choices, possibilities and adventures that are ripe and ready.”

Emir Dagci, Turkey

Emir Dagci

BBA 2013,
Pursuing an MBA at EU

"As a transfer student, I can easily say that the EU Group is an extremely diverse, high-quality, dynamic and forward-thinking institution. It not only prepares students for business life in a best way but also offers students constant support and helps them find job and internship opportunities."

Chris Kastenholz

Christoph Kastenholz

BBA 2012,
Founding Partner at Pulse Advertising

"The EU Group broadened my mindset and set me on the path to building my own business. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong, and the international student crowd builds a solid foundation to lasting relationships."

Rochelle Peetoom

Rochelle Peetoom

BBA 2013,
Founding Partner at Bon & Petit

"The entrepreneurial environment at European College is fantastic. A lot of the lecturers actually own their own businesses, so when they give you assignments, you really feel the need to do it as if it were real life."